9th Annual Roanoke Greek Festival September 19th-21st!

The 9th annual Roanoke Greek Festival will be held on September 19th -21st.  The event is hosted by the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and will take place on the church grounds located at 30 Huntington Boulebard rain or shine.  Admission is free.  A portion of the proceeds will benefity local charities and organizations.  For a complete scheudle ofevents please visit our website at www.roanokegreekfestival.com

Our three day cultural event draws regional support from Blacksburg, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg and other nearby communities.  Visitors to our festival have the opportunity to enjoy our.......

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Star City Motor Madness Cruise Night Friday June 27th!
by Star City Motor Madness

Star City Motor Madness once again come to Williamson Road, Friday, June27th from 6pm to 10pm. This is the largest single event on Williamson Road each year. Many Williamson Road retailers say this is their biggest day of the year.

In its 13th year, Star City Motor Madness is a massive "cruise-in" on Williamson Road that Friday.........

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Roanoke County's Stormwater Committee Draft Recommendations

Over the past few months Roanoke County has held meetings to discuss how to affor and handle the impending stormwater regulations facing all MS4 permit holders.  Roanoke City Council voted in November to implement a Stormwater Utility to pay for the infrastructure and maintenance of the same requirements.  Roanoke Count has held these meetings to weigh their otions.  They also hired the same consultants used by Roanoke City to work through this process. 

During the week of February 5th a series of public open houses across the County sho the three proposals they have drafted and gather public comments.  The Hollins District open house was held at Greenrodge Recreation Center between 6 and 8 pm on February 5th.  Hollins District Superviosor Al Bedrosian was in attendance that eventing.

The open house consisted of ....

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During the week of February 5, 2014 Roanoke County's Staff held a series of public Open House events across the County to show the process and proposals the Stormwater Committee has developed for the handling of Stormwater in Roanoke County.  In a continued effort to educate the public on this important issue, we are posting a copy of the 11 boards used at those open house events. 

Becoming educated and aware of this issue that will effect everyone in the County and leting your Board of Supervisors representative know your position on this issue is very important.  Please reveiw these pages, gain an understanding of the issue and proposals.

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Roanoke City Police Department News

Written by Scott Leamon Crime Prevention and Community Outreach Roanoke Police Department

Normally crooks and thieves would get coal in their stockings but this holiday season they will get an unwanted gift from the Roanoke Police Department in the form of five crime analysts.

The Roanoke Police Department has added three more full-time crime analyst positions, a major step forward for the department and a huge step back for any criminals looking to take advantage of your community.

“The crime analysts will not only improve efficiency in the way we research and investigate any trends in criminal activity,” explained Roanoke Chief of Police Chris Perkins, “they’ll also allow us to predict where and when the next criminal incident is most likely to happen.”

“If I have an idea of where a thief might strike, and the times when that thief likes to operate, then I can have officers in that area waiting to catch him,” said Roanoke Police Department Zone Lieutenant Stephen Keatts.

The five crime analysts have only been together for a short period of time so Chief Perkins said there will be a learning curve but he expects great things from the crime analysis team in the future.

“Recently we had officers arrest a robbery suspect right in the box where one of our crime analysts said he would be, in other words the suspect was in the area where he was predicted to be at the time he was predicted to be there,” Chief Perkins explained.

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