During the week of February 5, 2014 Roanoke County's Staff held a series of public Open House events across the County to show the process and proposals the Stormwater Committee has developed for the handling of Stormwater in Roanoke County.  In a continued effort to educate the public on this important issue, we are posting a copy of the 11 boards used at those open house events. 

Becoming educated and aware of this issue that will effect everyone in the County and leting your Board of Supervisors representative know your position on this issue is very important.  Please reveiw these pages, gain an understanding of the issue and proposals.

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Roanoke City Police Department News

Written by Scott Leamon Crime Prevention and Community Outreach Roanoke Police Department

Normally crooks and thieves would get coal in their stockings but this holiday season they will get an unwanted gift from the Roanoke Police Department in the form of five crime analysts.

The Roanoke Police Department has added three more full-time crime analyst positions, a major step forward for the department and a huge step back for any criminals looking to take advantage of your community.

“The crime analysts will not only improve efficiency in the way we research and investigate any trends in criminal activity,” explained Roanoke Chief of Police Chris Perkins, “they’ll also allow us to predict where and when the next criminal incident is most likely to happen.”

“If I have an idea of where a thief might strike, and the times when that thief likes to operate, then I can have officers in that area waiting to catch him,” said Roanoke Police Department Zone Lieutenant Stephen Keatts.

The five crime analysts have only been together for a short period of time so Chief Perkins said there will be a learning curve but he expects great things from the crime analysis team in the future.

“Recently we had officers arrest a robbery suspect right in the box where one of our crime analysts said he would be, in other words the suspect was in the area where he was predicted to be at the time he was predicted to be there,” Chief Perkins explained.

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Greek Festival September 20, 21 & 22, 2013

September 20, 21 & 22, 2013 transports Williamson Road to Greece and all of the wonderful food, dancing and celebration that Greek Festival has shared for the past 7 years!  Yes, the 8th annual Roanoke Greek Festival hosted by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church promises to again be a great success! 

People from all over Virginia come to celebrate the Greek culture.  Williamson Road sees  visitors from Roanoke and the surrounding area as well as Blacksburg, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg and other localities drawing in excess of 30,000 over the three day event. 

The festival is a cultural event that shares the well known Greek cuisine including souvlaki, gyro, pastichio and baklava and other delicious pasties.  Also featured are Greek drinks from coffee to bear and wine.  Traditional dance performances by the young Greek dance group and  music are performed. 

Rounding out the event .....

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Star City Motor Madness 2013 Cruise-In Friday June 28th

Star City Motor Madness once again comes to Williamson Road, Friday June 28th from 6pm to 10pm.   This is the largest single evening event on Williamson Road annually bringing in excess of 25,000 participants and patrons.  Many Williamson Road retailers report this to be their “Black Friday” and biggest sales day of the year.

Now in its 12th year, Star City Motor madness is a fantastic and enormous “cruise-in” on Williamson Road on Friday, followed by a 500+ car show in downtown Roanoke the next day from 10 am to 4 pm.  This year’s mark car is the street rod.

Williamson Road has long been the road for cruising especially in the 1950s & 60s when Williamson Road was virtually the only way into and out of the north side of Roanoke.

Cruises occur throughout the U.S. as a celebration of America’s passion for the automobile.  Typically cruises consist of antique and customized cars.  Star City Motor Madness, however, is open to any auto enthusiast whose car evokes a feeling of nostalgia or excitement.

WRABA is a Diamond Sponsor of the 2-day event and has been the premier sponsor since Star City Motor Madness’ first year in 2002. 

As anyone who has attended the cruise can attest, Williamson Road and its businesses are in the spotlight the evening of the cruise as literally thousands of cars cruise the road and thousands of spectators set up lawn chairs along the sidewalk from Orange Avenue to the Boxley Hills area.  In an effort to reduce congestion again this year, the outside lanes of Williamson Road will be open only to cruising vehicles and the inside lanes for  through traffic.

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Stormwater update from the city of Roanoke

By: Christopher Blakeman – City of Roanoke, Environmental Administrator – Blakeman manages the city’s Office of Environmental Management and is responsible for ensuring the city’s compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (540) 853-2425.



A considerable amount of news media coverage and discussion has recently been generated as a result of the presentation made to Roanoke City Council on Jan. 22nd by myself and staff from our Engineering Division, and Planning Department. I’ve been asked by your association’s Executive Director, Wendy Jones, to provide a summary and clarification of some of the key issues.

Stormwater Review & Update

Everyone who lives or does business in the City of Roanoke benefits from our storm sewer system. In most cases, when we get a good rain, it doesn’t flood our streets where it would impede traffic and hinder emergency services, and our sidewalks and parking lots are generally free from standing water that may create a hazard, or nuisance. So we all benefit, and for those conveniences we can be thankful for our storm sewer system.

Urbanized areas need such a system to channel stormwater away due to their high concentration of hard surfaces like rooftops and streets, but those same areas also have higher concentrations of people. Human living generates pollution such as garbage, oil/grease, heavy metals, sediment and more.


These pollutants are harmful to our waterways, to the point where prior, current, and likely future, generations of citizens ask that it be stopped, or at least minimized. But how? This issue crosses vast areas, and if an upstream community does nothing to curb the pollution, it stands to limit the beneficial efforts by a downstream community. This is a case where a grand fix is called for. In the US, our government answered this call with the 1972 Clean Water Act, and some of the regulations of that Act are just now getting down to us at the community level.


Watershed Assessment = Doctors Visit

To determine a fix for all of this pollution, we need an understanding of the scope of the problem. Here, a variety of experts have closely examined our water ways and the pollution sources to see what’s wrong and where, much like going to the doctor if you’re not feeling well, or for a regular check-up. ......


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