Spring 2015 Newsletter

Intercept Youth Services Program "Foster Families Love Life"

Did you know there are over 513,000 children nationwide in the foster care system?  But there are only approximately 153,000 foster homes available for placements, leaving over 360,000 children without a place to call home.  Intercept Youth Services believes that each child deserves teh chance to be raised in a family.  With a great need for families across the state and nationwide, Intercept Youth Services has launched a community awareness campaign, FosterFamilies Love Life, to bring the need for more families to the forefront.

To increase awareness, Intercept has launched an informational website, FosterFamiliesLoveLife,com .  The goals of this site are to address the following:  What is foster care; Who are the faces of foster care; Describe the various types of foster parenting available; Provide information on how to select an agency; and How you can make a difference if fostering ins't the right step for you.  Along wih the website, Intercept is participating in local community events to increase awareness, inform and educate members in teh community of hte needs of foster children.  

Intercept is reaching out to local businesses  for help in supporting the Foster Families Love Life campaign.  By displaying our information and window sticker you will ......

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