Spring 2014 Newsletter

Roanoke County's Stormwater Committee Draft Recommendations

Over the past few months Roanoke County has held meetings to discuss how to affor and handle the impending stormwater regulations facing all MS4 permit holders.  Roanoke City Council voted in November to implement a Stormwater Utility to pay for the infrastructure and maintenance of the same requirements.  Roanoke Count has held these meetings to weigh their otions.  They also hired the same consultants used by Roanoke City to work through this process. 

During the week of February 5th a series of public open houses across the County sho the three proposals they have drafted and gather public comments.  The Hollins District open house was held at Greenrodge Recreation Center between 6 and 8 pm on February 5th.  Hollins District Superviosor Al Bedrosian was in attendance that eventing.

The open house consisted of ....

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